(Re)connectez vous avec le vivant en vous !


Cours de Biodanza le jeudi soir à 20:15  à Woluwe Saint Pierre

Séance ouverte aux débutant-e-s le 1er décembre !

Inscription indispensable 

via biodanzatervuren@gmail.com.

Le groupe de Biodanza animé par Océane intègre les enseignements de Betty Martin sur la Roue du Consentement.

Cf. https://www.schoolofconsent.org

What is Biodanza?

A unique combination of music and movement, the "Dance of Life" was created by Rolando Toro Araneda, at the Center of Medical Anthropology of the University of Santiago.

It is now practiced all over the world, in hospitals, elderly homes, schools... and weekly groups.

Why Biodanza?

Biodanza helps you to connect with "joie de vivre", it stimulates your vitality and develops your creativity.

It allows you to relax and restore your inner balance. 


It's healthy and fun!


Weekly group

Participating in a weekly group allows you to meet with your true self and with others in the group. 


In a safe environment, you will be able to test your limits and set your boundaries. This increases your self-esteem and optimism.