In-depth Biodanza: weekly group on Thursdays

To maximize the benefits of Biodanza, participating in a weekly group is highly recommended.


For an hour and a half each week, on Thursday evenings except for school holidays, you will move in a way which helps you connect to your body and your inner energy. Biodanza allows you to relax and restore your inner balance in a fun way.


There are no steps to learn. No performance involved, no judgement. You just need comfortable clothes, a small bottle of water, and… the mood of the moment.


The Tervuren/Woluwe group is open to all above 16.

Weekly Biodanza classes also take place in Dutch or French, all over Belgium.

Can i come and see what Biodanza is like?

You are welcome to participate in a Beginners’ session. You won’t know if you feel like practicing Biodanza if you only “watch”, direct experience is necessary. 

Some people like it immediately, some don't -- and it can take up to 4 sessions to decide if you enjoy it or not.

A card for 2 sessions is available for 20 euros: it allows you to know a bit better what Biodanza is about, since sessions are very different from one another.


Is it some kind of latino dance like salsa or samba?

No, there are no steps to learn. Music from all over the world - jazz, classic, pop, latino - is carefully chosen to create each session.


How different is it from 5 rythms?

Biodanza involves more group interaction than 5 rythms. There are also more guided movements than in a 5 rythms session.


How much does it cost?

A single class, for an hour and a half, costs 15 euros.

Since regular attendance brings more benefits, you can buy a card for 4 classes (50 euros) or 10 classes (110 euros).