"I'm not sure exactly what happened during my first Biodanza session, it was a really unusual experience, but all I can say is that after that session, I felt much better - I had not slept so well for a long long time". - Andrea


"Biodanza helps you to discover people as they really are. There's no judgement, you can really be yourself and have fun.     After each class, I feel both energized and relaxed, a very welcome feeling." - Sergueï


"Six months of Biodanza has changed my life. I had been going through a period of anxiety and depression, but dancing and connecting with others in the Biodanza class has shown me that a better life is possible. Each week has brought me joy and inner peace, and the effect has lasted longer and longer as the course has gone on. I am very grateful to Océane and Gabi and all the other participants for giving me this gift." - Allan


"What i love about Biodanza is that i can choose the way I move, depending on how I feel on a certain day. I can’t do yoga anymore, but i can still follow what my body is ready to do, and this feels good. It also allows the “child” in me to emerge and this is… delightful."  - Nina