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A special vivencia to enjoy Biodanza with Gabi, back from Austria for a few days -- on June 3rd, 2021


On June 3rd, at 19:00, we'll have a special vivencia in a magic garden, close to Zaventem, to celebrate the return of Gabi, one of our favorite Austrian Biodanza teachers.


For practical details contact us at biodanzatervuren@gmail.com.

A tribute to Nelson Mandela: special vivencias in 2019

July 18 is a very special day – the day chosen by the United Nations to celebrate Nelson Mandela, Nobel peace prize, whose struggle – and sometimes fight – against apartheid – led him to jail, for close to 30 years.


A man who rebelled against both black and white domination, who promoted “one human, one vote” and who was able to foster reconciliation when his liberation came… Nelson Mandela will be the inspiration of 3 vivencias taking place in Tervuren this summer.


Welcome to the friendly Tervuren Biodanza group – the class takes place in a large sports hall, so bring your friends along if you feel like it!


For practical details contact us at biodanzatervuren@gmail.com.