What is Biodanza?

To be very honest, it's not easy to explain what Biodanza is, or is like. Different people will experience it differently.

Below, we try to give you more info about "Biodanza".


The name "Biodanza" is a combination of Greek "Bios" (life) and Spanish "Danza" (dance).


During a Biodanza session, every movement is meant to help you feel more alive, more at ease with yourself, more confident, more affective. No performance is involved, only the free expression of your sensations and feelings in the present moment.


Biodanza effects will be different depending on who and where you are as a human being.


Some participants will "only" relax, have fun, enjoy themselves and make new friends. Other people will discover new things about themselves, explore new feelings and experience new beginnings.


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Biodanza is a "human" (not "personal") development process since the group is key to grow your potentials and expand your identity. Each session is a different journey. 


In the words of Claire Lewis, director of the Biodanza school of Scotland:


"In Biodanza we use specific exercises and music to create a space and experience in which to express our human potentials. Communicating non-verbally, through dance, we are able to connect and express ourselves in a way that is often difficult with words.

Regular classes enable us to come together, and to co-create a safe environment forming affective, loving connections, that help us to accept and be accepted by other people. The aim is for each person to discover and express their own unique dance while also being part of other shared dances, sometimes in two’s, sometimes in groups of 3, 4, 5 and also in the dance that is shared by the whole group."